Old Pioneer DV606D to Philips DVP5960? Should i?



Hello all. My first post here so please be gentle ;)

I currently own a Pioneer DV606D that goes with a 5.1 system powered by a JVC RX-774VBK receiver. The whole system is American, and has been powered by a US>UK transformer. We've recently moved house, and because of the way the lounge is laid-out, i cant plug the Pioneer DVD player into the transformer as well as the hifi. So i'm thinking of replacing the DVD player with the Philips DVP5960. We're also getting a Humax PVR, so this is why we dont want to spend too much on a DVD player at the moment.

I didnt actually setup the system, and i'm not too clued up on it either. But i spotted that the Pioneer decodes 5.1 Dolby, so i'm not sure what was decoding our audio in the old setup - the DVD player or the JVC amp. But as i understand it the JVC amp will decode 5.1 (http://www.jvc.com/product.jsp?modelId=MODL005040&pathId=5&page=1&archive=true) so getting the Philips will be fine for us to carry on having lovely 5.1?

Or is this a silly upgrade? The Pioneer DVD player works fine, although it's a hassle to change the region (especially for my mum..). Would you get spend £20 on another US>UK transformer and keep the Pioneer, or spend £40 on the Philips player? The added features (upscaling, usb, divx) and ease-of-use would be beneficial i'm sure. What about any difference in picture quality etc.? As long as someone can confirm we'll still be able to get 5.1 decoded through the amp!

Hope that rambling makes some sort of sense. I'm aware that the Pioneer was a very good player, but i dont know how it shapes up against current models such as the Philips? I'm definately worried about losing our surround sound too! :)


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