Old Panasonic, repair or bin?


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The tape's jammed in my old camcorder. I understand to have a workshop look at it this will cost £40. If a repair is to expensive, it's scrap, I don't want to waste £40 I could use towards a new camcorder. Can anyone recommend a somewhere for repair (East Lancs M/cr area) or by post. It's already had the same fault repaired once under warranty. It only has light use, I don't really want the expense of a replacement.


Camcorders are VERY expensive to repair! Minimum repair cost is roughly £150 + parts, which may not be available in your case.
My dad got an estimate of £300 to repair his six year old sony camcorder 5 years ago, so he put that £300 towards a new one!
That's what I used to tell people when I worked in the electrical trade & most people bought a new one anyway.


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Thanks, I suspect it'll be the bin in the new year from what I've read etc. My cash is better saved toward a replacement. When I've saved the cash I'll be on the quest for a cheap replacement, although i'm not rushing, as my wife has an old Cannon, however that needs new batterys )-:
As I said looks like I'll have to save up, but knowing me I can see it spiraling into a 'best buy' purchase, with as good a spec as available, for as little money as possible.
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