Question Old Panasonic 42" P TV-42PV500B - Service menu 2, how ?


Hi all,

Although I know its 15yrs old, I was given a free 42" Plasma and considering my lounge TV was still only 32" I thought why not.
Having trouble with overscan on a games console, searched everywhere, couple of great topics here from 2004-6, didn't want to drag up such old topics of course.

In this topic Viera overscan adjustment - cracked!! it says how to get into service menu 2, and i downloaded the service manual too.. BUT still i cant seem to get into service menu 2, i must be reading the button presses wrong?

Its a long shot, as old now, but if anyone here still recalls this model, what am i doing wrong?

I get into service menu 1 ok, and navigate to 05V Blue (as manual shows) and press HOLD, nothing happens, I am on CH99 already, tried typing 99, scrolling to 99, nothing seems to get into menu 2. The post above says "jpeg viewer" but I dont see that screen either.

Screenshots attached, am I interpreting the key presses from the manual ok?



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Depending on the model number of plasma, there are a couple of different ways to get in to the service menu

It woulh help to know the modle number

but try this

Basically enter the service menu, by holding down the V- Vol Button on TV under the flap while pressing the 0/VCR Button on the remote 3 times, the TV screen goes blank, then comes back on at Dynamic, ie brighter and a small grey box appears top Left containing numbers and data values.

By pressing the RED button on your remote, this will cycle around options, or Green Button to go back. Factory settings appear in Black numbers, once you have found the item to adjust, change its value using the Blue and Yellow Buttons, the number changes to Brown colour, or use the Volume Up and Down buttons to do the same, to set its new value Press OK to store the Value, the number then changes back from brown back to Black. I found on my set, that most factory values were set to 0, so it made changing say H Size to -1 etc, ment you could easily return it to factory value if required. BUT ALLWAYS write down any values before you change anything, cus theres NO UNDO function !!!!!! if you make a mistake you could render your £2000 tele for scrap if you bugger it up? you have been warned :devil:

To centre your picture, its best to view a test card, of test pattern DVD so you can see what effect your making, Adjust the H Pos for Right and left, and V POS for up and down, H Amp makes it wider, and V Amp makes it taller etc. Don't change any other values, once finished Press the Exit Button and the grey box will disapear. best of luck but be very carefull


Here's how to get into Service Menu 2 in AV mode and adjust the overscan etc.:-

You may want to select 16:9 aspect manually first as Service Menu 2 adjustments seem to be aspect-specific.

  • Go to analogue TV and select CH 99
  • Press the DVB/Analogue button to go to DVB TV
  • Press TV/AV to go to AV
  • Enter Service Menu 1 as normal and navigate to the last item (JPEG Viewer)
  • Press Hold

Its been such a long time since i did though.........

I hope it helps.



Hi D

Model number is in the topic title ;)

Sadly as I said in op, already tried the method in the old post, and no joy and no "jpeg viewer" screen, however if you see my op you will see I have the screenshots etc.

Holding hold does nothing :( even though manual says it should.


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Hi, does your TV have a THX picture mode? Normally overscan is switched off when this mode is selected.
HTH, Ian

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