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Jul 6, 2002
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Hi everyone

A long time ago someone posted a link to a comparison between the Sony RDR-GX dvd-recorder and a Philips ditto.

Some of the things in the comparison were the advantages in VR Mode over -RW/+RW. The comparison also included the disanvantages in -RW/+RW mode when choosing the Sony RDR-GX dvd-recorder.

I know the above is not alot to go on but it would be great if someone remembers the page I'm seeking.

I think this is the one -
I think this is the one - http://www.dvdplusrw.org/
Juts bear in mind when you read anything on that site it is actually run by the DVD Alliance - the organisation that claimed DVD+ was more compatible than DVD- until it was proven to be false. Seriously that site should be taken as advertising and not advice.
Nope that's not the one. The link you posted doesn't seem to include anything about VR Mode when you do a comparison.

The page I'm thinking about was written and run by one single person. I think the background on the comparison page was green - if that's any help.

I believe the comparison was written around the time when the GX7 was first released.

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