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Morning all,

I recently discovered my dad's old Hifi speakers (he is trying to get rid of them) and on closer inspection I realised they were (very) old Kef's, model Cadenza 1024.

Now I'm aware Kef is a premium brand, I was just looking for opinions on this particular model, I know they will be good, but was just wonder how good, ie were they top, middle or bottom range (for Kef) back in the day?



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I have feeling SWMBO would have something to say about that!! lol

I did used to have them set up many years ago (in my early teens), but to what I cant remember and it was before I really had any interest/knowledge in AV etc.

Im thinking about restoring them (they are a little scratched/tarnished) and then stock pilling them until I have the space/a dedicated room.

They are big floorstanders so would be too big for my current setup/location.

I am interested to hear them again now, I may have to wait until my wife is away and then set them up with my current fronts as rears, just to hear the diffence.


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I remember those! They had a similar design to my old 104aB's from the same period. My son is using the 104aB's now; they still work fine. The Cadenzas were middle range.

There's more info here.

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