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Old hi-fi equipment


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A friend of the family asked my dad if he might want some old hi-fi equipment. My dad said no, but said that I might be interested (nice one dad!).

So yesterday my dad dropped off the following:
- Creek 4040 cs2 amp
- Royd Audio A7 speakers - with "extraction" or "extractor"(?) branded cables (two-core and have banana plugs)
- Marantz CD63 cd player
- Yamaha KX300 cassette deck

I haven't tried the casette deck, but everything is in working order, though the cd player skips/jumps tracks.

I was considering ebaying the lot (and giving my dad the proceeds to pass onto his friend) as I already have a NADC350 amp paired with some B&W 601S3's, but I'm wondering if the Creek might be a better match with my B&W's?

The Creek also has a phono stage - which my NAD doesn't. Is the Creek's phono-stage better than a NAD PP2 or similar (which I still haven't got around to buying yet)?

Thank you,



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The Creek was a pretty good budge amp in the day. Not bad, but I bet your Nad is better, though depends on preference. Creek phono stages are good, I have Creek OBH 8SE phono box myself, however I have no idea how good the one in this budget amp will be. It certainly won't be bad. I think these usually fetch between £20-£50 on ebay.

The Royd's I can tell you a little about. There was two versions, the first had a a purple/violet coloured tweeter. The series II had an better Audex tweeter (black/grey coloured). They were one of Royd's early budget speakers, the A7 series II sold for £99 back in '87. Check out my Royd website (Royd Audio Speakers), I've got loads of info there, plus a nice review of the A7 II. If in good nick you should get somewhere between £40-90 on ebay, depending on model. They had a good reputation and you should definitely give them run and compare with your B&W's. Will be quite a different presentation, less bass emphasis, but faster and more musical. Certainly spend some time with them, both on the Creek and the Nad, see which you prefer.
In fact, I don't have many photos of the A7's on my site, if you have a spare moment, I'd greatly appreciate a couple of snaps, if you don't mind. :)

I can never remember which Marantz CD models are the sought after ones. Usually the special/signature editions/KI etc. The others tend to be two and penny and don't fetch a huge amount.
Few care about tape decks these days, Freecycle is full of them...

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