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Hi guys, not sure if anyone else is like me, but i still have a playstation 1 and 2 and now 3 manily because i still really enjoy playing some of the older games, the graffix might not be a great, sometimes they can be a bit slow and stiff, but there still great games all the same, i was just wondering if anyone had heard of software what you could get for your playstation 3 to be able to play your old games on there too or even game manufacturers bringin out some of the old games, to play on the playstation 3 just like the guys who re did god of war 1 and 2, or even just downloadable games. im sure there must be a market for it, i cant be the only one, who enjoys playing some of the older games, i mean how great would it be to buy one disc of all the old Grand Theft Autos etc.


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The PS3 is backwards compatible with the PS1. You can either use the original disc or download the game from PSN for a few quid (if/when PSN ever comes back up).

The early PS3's also emulated the PS2, but they stopped that on new machines a few years ago. No good for you, unless you bought your PS3 second-hand.

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I know this thread is a year old but couldn't help myself lol. Just so you know the upscaler in the ps3 for your ps1 games isn't great, I won't get into all this technical details but the ps3 when upscaling ps1 games introduces alot of jaggies. I'd recommend you turn off the uscaler and let your tv upscale, if it looks worse enable it again. My tv has a bad upscaler so I do use the ps3s upscaling as it does make it clearer, just too jagged.

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