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Old Gameport Joystick


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Hello there forum buddies, some questions for you all.

I have an old Microsoft Sidewinder FF joystick that connects through a gameport on a sound card. I built a new PC this year and didn't bother with the soundcard instead I'm using the intergrated one on my MOBO ( I only run 2 speakers at the moment). Thing is joysticks like this aren't cheap and the only thing wrong with this one is the connecter and software. I bought a cheap soundcard from PC World last week that has a gameport (OEM 8 quid) as I read somewhere I could install this for the joystick. Before I do this my questions are :-

1) Was this a good idea, or should I return the soundcard, ditch the FF and buy a new USD one.

2) Can I install the new card but only use it for the joystick, i.e. do I have to turn off the intergrated sound chip and use the new card for audio as well. I'm happy with my current set up.

3) I have XP Pro but the software is for win 98, I know it's backsward compatible but do you think MS webpage may have a XP version to download for this and also my USB MS Gamepad. I remember I had to install the software for both which was a little annoying.

All help, suggestions are welcome,

Muzza1 :thumbsup:


I'm bit confused. Your PC should have a game-port with the integrated sound, yeah? Also, what's wrong with the connector for the Sidewinder?

You should have no problem using integrated sound and the PCI sound card together, but if you pay a bit extra for a secondhand audigy or SB Live! you can get dramatically improved sound that won't suck up CPU resources - even these days integrated sound uses up CPU time and RAM and many onboard chipsets make sound appear flat and lifeless compared to decent PCI cards.

XP should recognise it automatically, I reckon, being a Microsoft joypad and all


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Thanks for the reply so quickly , my MOBO is a ABIT IC7-G and the backplate doesn't carry a gameport, just LPT1 and COM1 ports and I can't see any mention in the specs. The sidewinder connecter works fine I meant shame it wasn't a USB instead of a gameport connecter. I went onto the MS website after I posted this and saw that XP should recogise the Joystick and Gamepad automatically so I'll give that a go. I guess I'll save a restore point and give it a whirl.

Thanks again
Muzza1 :smashin:


No prob. I think you can get gameport to USB adaptors, but I have no idea if they're any good.


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If you have a sidewinder joystick with serial connector (plugs into soundcard), you might have a problem as the driver is only for win95/98.

Windows xp has the drivers included for the sidewinder joystick as it also has the drivers for my old sidewinder joystick (which is serial but came with a usb converter and works fine) but you won't get the special software for setting up and calibration.

Microsoft no longer make drivers for their sidewinder hardware meaning that owners have to rely on the few drivers offered in gaming options, consider yourself lucky as I have a microsoft ff wheel which is completely redundant because of microsofts decision not to issue w2000/xp drivers. :thumbsdow

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