Old Deccacolour fastext not talking to dvd/video/digibox - help!



Our tv broke and we are using this old Deccacolour (until we can afford to get something else). We have a video, a dvd player, and a digibox connected to it, but cannot get it to talk to any of them. The tv is actually better than our old one, with a very crisp picture, but we only get the 4 terrestrial channels on it at the moment.

I found a thread on here which solved our problem of sound but no pic (thanks Mechanic and Tight Git) as it was initially on AV. I don't suppose either of you, or anyone else, can give me really easy instructions on how to get it to talk to everything else?

Thank you.


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We have a video, a dvd player, and a digibox connected to it, but cannot get it to talk to any of them.

How are they connected?
How many...if any...scart sockets does the TV have?
Do you have a remote control for it?


We have a very old FX-D remote (not tatung, no actual maker's name on it). The TV has one scart socket.

The main aerial goes into the digibox, from there it goes to the video, which then goes to the TV.

The digibox has two scart sockets; one goes to the video and one goes to the DVD.

The video has the scart input from the digibox and a scart output to the TV

The DVD has a scart input from the digibox.

Looking at this, I'm pretty sure the configuration doesn't make a lot of sense, but this was how it was with the old TV because it worked! We had tried quite a few configurations which simply didn't.


JayCee, just re-read the other thread (posted by tenbee2) and realised you were one of the people who helped us solve our original problem when we set up this tv yesterday. Thank you for that too.


Update - a friend dropped by this morning and has done something to our tv set up (I'm not sure exactly what - my husband was with him). Now this is what is happening:

We can still get the 4 terrestrial channels with everything else off.
We can get the 4tc with the video on. We can also watch a video (tv switched to av). We can record one of the 4tc while watching another.
We can watch something on the digibox (tv on av).

But if we switch on the digibox to record something on it, it interferes with the 4tc (except ITV which is replaced entirely by the digibox channel; the others merely have half a screen of each - digibox/tc, with sound from tc).

I set up the video to record one minute of ITV and one minute of a digibox channel while the tv is set to BBC1.

The video has recorded exactly as it should. Our problem is now that we cannot record something broadcast on the digibox whilst watching something on one of the 4tc as the digibox channel interferes with the picture.

The dvd player seems fine (tv switched to av).

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