Old Compaq PC worth updating?


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Hello all.

I've just got my old desktop back from my Mum after she got a new one. It's a Compaq Presario SR1000 and I bought it around 2005. I gave it to her around 3 years ago as I had been given a laptop from work and thought the Compaq was probably on the way out as it had slowed right down and had lots of niggles. She kept it running (slower and slower) until late last year when my sister accidently filled it full of a virus and it stopped working. Instead of fixing it my siblings and I bought her a new one for xmas.

I've always missed having a desktop so I've taken it back and fancy rebuilding it up to a modern standard. I'm a bit of a dunce with computers but guess I'll need at least a new motherboard, hdd, processer and replacement + increased memory. I also fancy a seperate graphics card. I've been pointed in the direction of various online bundles that are around £200 and I'm told will bring my pc up to date? I don't think I'll be able to afford to spend more then about £200-250 on it as the laptop just about does what I need.

I play games but nothing more serious then Civ 5 or Football Manager as I also have a PS3. Basically I'd like something that is quicker for general browsing, word processing etc then my Dell Latitude E6400 laptop and can run the games mentioned quickly and fully optioned. Is it possible and is it worth it?


Looking at the specs of what I think are for your Compaq Presario SR1000 Here it states that the motherboard has a uATX form factor. This means that you probably can't use the same case for a standard mATX motherboard - mATX = 244x244mm, uATX = 244x367mm.
So it is likely to just be cheaper & easier to bin the old PC and buy or build another one from scratch.



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Thanks for the reply Mark. Looks like I'll just have to save up for a full system then.

Would any of the old parts be worth keeping if I build a system myself?


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Probably not - I've just finished doing an analysis myself of a gaming PC bought more or less around your time and most of it is just out of date and unless you want a second system running around, not worth keeping around and only likely to continue losing value anyway...
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