Old codger, new TV technology - Help!

Mark Jameson

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I current have a Samsung TV about five years old with a BT package that includes landline, internet and TV with an HDMI-connected YouView box and an indoor aerial which, being on the top floor of a three story house on a hill, worked pretty well. Thought about an aerial on the easily accessible roof but the indoor one worked absolutely fine and so thought that there was no real need for it.

Now it seems, I can't get a signal to my YouView box which means that either there is something wrong with the box, or more likely that the quality of the signal coming to my indoor aerial has got dramatically worse. (I don't think it's the indoor aerial as I've got two of those and it's the same problem with either of them.)

I was thinking to get a proper aerial for the roof but I've begun to think that maybe a Fire Stick, a Roku or something similar would be better. (I generally only watch TV occasionally for films, documentaries and the footie..) I'm pretty computer literate but really very semi-literate at best when it comes to audio-visual equipment, meaning I can follow set up instructions and the like quite easily but I'm pretty useless at knowing what might be compatible with what, and what some of these new gadgets actually do and involve.

Any advice or suggestions for an old codger gratefully received.


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A youview box is already similar to a fire stick or a Roku so unless the service/channel you watch lacks an app for your current box there's no advantage in buying them.


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Well fitting outdoor aerials isn't cheap, especially if it turns out to be the box, so perhaps you're right to question cheaper media stick options? The question though boils down to content. If you've got good broadband speed and are happy exclusively streaming using iPlayer, Netflix, etc then something like a Roku or Fire stick would work. If you want live broadcast Freeview TV channels then it gets more complex and maybe they're not what you're looking for.
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