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hi all

been given quite a good job for once at work bit of disconnecting at the old studios im just really intrested now about what they use to film hear as its bloody massive! ive only got limited acess to the building but i can sneek around they are planning to knock part of it down quite soon ive attached some snaps it is if any brummies are about under the crown plaza hotel i have got to do some more work there so ill let you no on updates i would love to see what it use to look like back in the day any quetions fire away!

ps is there anythin worth pickin up to keep as whats left there now is to be thrown away



Hi James. Good to see your photos of the Central Tv studios. I used to work there in the early 80's. That large area in the middle was called "The Swamp" and it's where all the journalists and secretaries used to sit. The raised area around it with the glass front suites contained all the film editing suites for cutting news and documentaries. I had a great time up in Birmingham as a freelance editor between 1981 & 86 and these photos are very sad to see.
I would love to be able to get a look around now. Don't suppose you have any more photos?
Lots of game quiz shows were recorded there in that period including the famous Tiswas with Chris Tarrant & Sally James. Central also had a huge local documentary department making shows about the Midlands. Electronic editing came along during that decade and then computer editing which had the effect of reducing the workforce massively.
Regards Ross
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