Old castle floorstanders, model help


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Can anyone place the castle models in order please.

Either by price, quality or whatever makes sense to you. I would like to buy some old castles to replace my Kef Q3's but i have no idea where they would fit in the heirachy of the castles if you see what i mean.


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Unless you mean antique Castle speakers then the line-up hasn't changed for ages, still the same as when I bought my Conway 3s in 2003. Despite the change of ownership and being manufactured in China they seem identical - to look at anyway.

Castle Classic series

I still like mine, nice warm sound. :)


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It depends what sound you like.

Originally there were paper cone speakers that have a soft mellow sound, with bright tweeters. i would not go too far back : not before serial numbers of 25000.
I really like these, they have few breakdowns and they are often easy to maintain if problems.
Winchesters are legendary but huge.

Then there was a brief period with polypropelene drivers : only good if you like tight sound without too much base. Maybe need a sub unless one of the top models?

Then there are the carbon fibre driver models, which have a very tight sound.

If you are to buy either the polypropelene or carbion fibre models then you may need soem DIY driver-fixing skills as the glue Castle used often fails. I have several pairs and have had to fix all at least once. Replacement drivers are gold dust, professiional repair extortionate and not really suitable alternative drivers out there.
Recent experience has made me wary of buying / selling by courier. Maybe its just Parcelforce we need to avoid !?


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My Conway 3s, with 2 carbon fibre bass/mid units per speaker have been used every day for seven years and not cast a single dust cover yet. Do you use your Castles at full volume all the time jra ?

At mothers house she has some 30 year old Castles which still work fine, I took the grills off them a couple of years ago and the rubber surrounds of the paper cones are still good. Still make a fine sound. :)

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