Old BR2 Bronze to 7G Silver Monitor Audio Worthy Upgrade?


I am almost about to take the plunge on an upgrade to my speakers but given the cost I was just wanting to have every doubt removed from my mind if I am doing the right thing.

I currently have Monitor Audio Bronze BR2 L/R and Bronze BRLCR centre bought in 2007 (so 15 years old).

I am thinking on upgrading to MA Silver 7G 50 L/R and Silver 7G C250 centre.

Would this be an upgrade where I would go "wow" to myself when first doing the switch or is it just going to be not worth it?

My main issue seeking the upgrade is I am seeking a clearer centre speaker for movie dialogue. As in sometimes it can be a bit hard to work out what people are saying in movies so I need to turn on the subtitles just to get everything understood. I was wanting to remove that issue. And my thoughts are I cannot buy a Silver Centre and use it with old Bronze L/R's so switching all three.
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You should be able to hear the jump from such old Bronzes to Silvers quite easily, but i wouldn´t buy smaller speakers if possible, unless you have very small room / speakers are very close to boundaries. If the Silver 100 7G is too expensive, then you could eye the 6G 100 and put wanted add for matching finish Silver C350! Black Gloss, Oak, Rosenut are still available for the 6G:

As is often the case poor center channel placement leads to negative end result blaming the speaker. So if your speaker is inside av-unit, too low and/or both with coffee table between then you should try to optimize the placement first and re-run your receivers setup. Also make sure you have raised the crossover setting as some folks doesn´t check after the setup procedure so it could be left at 40hz and sounding muddy. Bumping it up to 80-100hz and in some cases bumping the level of centre from menu few db`s could help. There might be other settings that may need tweaking.

Which av-receiver you have now?


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Thanks for this, it is the Denon AVR-3312. I am waiting till the AVR-x2800h is out later this year / early next year to replace it. So was thinking of getting the speakers now.

Do you require newer hdmi connections? What you have now is on par with Denon X4700H if judging the power ratings and it seems to support the hd sound formats so in that sense it`s not too old unit. Also if you were to go with X2800H you would still get the same lousy Audussey MultEQ XT with less power (95w vs 125w) so it would be downgrade other than few new features and newer connections. So as a minium you should consider X3700H or SR6015 when the sale starts as they come with the better room eq and preouts. Alternative option Onkyo RZ-50 depending of price/availability if you are up for tweaking with pc (Dirac Live).

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