Question Old bottles of alcohol


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Any value to them? Not talking 200 year old bottle of wine.
Have a couple of bottles of booze, unopened, could be 50+ years old? This one


and another bottle of , I believe, Dimple whisky.


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Yep, Dimple

That one looks like it could be worth a few quid. How do you go about selling it?Are there shops you can sell to? Wouldn't fancy posting it !!!


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A quick glance online shows that Martell bottle is probably from the 1970s, in the 80s they changed to a longer tapered neck similar to the current design.

Given this site is listing something similar for £299 :eek: I'd try giving them a ring :)
Martell VSOP Medaillon Cognac - Bot 1970s : The Whisky Exchange

FWIW I'm no cognac nut but I do like a nice bottle and I've visited Cognac in France several times.
As I understand it neither of these spirits will have "improved" for being in the bottle, they need to be in a cask to change flavour but for rarity value I'm sure they're worth something.
I wouldn't worry unduely about shipping - I get cases of wine delivered with no drama :)


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And that Dimple whiskey looks like it could be from 1950's with a retail price in region of £250 from the same website as above.

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