Old Blueyonder mail appearing


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I've just received 200 previously deleted emails from 4 years ago appear in my gmail account (linked via pop3 to my blueyonder account). :confused:

Anyone else getting this?

Edit: and more keep coming by the minute, mostly spam.


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I've just logged into my blueyonder webmail for the 1st time in years and it looks awfully similar to Gmail :D

Anyway, all old deleted items are in a deleted items folder instead of Bin and these are being fetched my my gmail account and appearing in my gmail inbox. :mad:

For now I've removed the pop3 sync


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I got an email from Virgin a couple of weeks ago advising of the move to a new server - which I believe is google based.

On Saturday when I checked mail via Pop3 it downloaded duplicates of items in my inbox from the last 30 days then confusingly downloaded all e-mails sent from webmail from th e last five years!

When I re-read their e-mail it did point me to some info on this and once I'd got my head round it I find it quite good.

I've set up a rule to copy the webmail sent items to my home PC's sent folder which means for the first time I have all my sent items in one place so that I can back everything up.

Not sure if this helps your issue


This is a complte fiasco by virgin media.

Apart from the contents of all sent emails being delivered back to inboxes. I can now only use the primary email to log onto the webmail.

Which is really handy as my email is a secondary one and had been working find on webmail until this migration to google :mad:

To make matters worse virgin media have no idea what is going on with this migration and the trouble its causing.


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I do think they could have highlighted the changes better, but fiasco is a bit strong.

The fact that e-mails sent via webmail are now downloaded I actually find quite useful as for the first time I can now have all my sent e-mails (whether webmail or from Thunderbird) in the one place so I can easily find them and back them up.

They did mention it when advising of the change :

"General POP Issues
Here are some common issues with our POP email service that are not specific to any email program like Outlook Express, Windows Mail or Thunderbird.

All sent messages download

When you enable POP, all messages are downloaded to your email program, Outlook Express for example, except for Spam, Bin, and Chats. If you don't want messages that you send from the web downloaded to your Outlook Express inbox, we suggest creating a filter within Outlook Express, Windows Mail or Thunderbird to delete these messages."

I chose to add a filter to move them to my sent items rather than delete them, this works well.

As far as aliases go, you can change these and your default send address by going to "Settings" "Account" on the webmail interface.



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