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My 1080p 40" Samsung LE40b650 died.

My setup is a Sony HT-DDWG800 AVR being fed by Shield TV and PS3/PS4.

So Shield TV (Plex) + PS3/PS4 into the AVR and AVR to TV

It is a HDMI 1.4 AVR with DD/DTS

Usage is Blurays and 720p/1080p from Plex

If i buy a 4K TV would it be possible to keep using what i have if i have no intention to use HDR and set the TV to 1080p mode so the AVR and TV handshakes?

My hunch says no and my choice is to buy another 1080p TV to keep it the way i have.

Thank you to anyone who reads this
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You can continue to convey the exact same video you were previously conconveying to your old TV to any new TV via you current TV. What you'll not be able to passthrough your old receiver are newer video formats and resolutions that your new TV can now handle. THese are formats that need HDCP 2.2 compliance or HDR that your receiver are not compliant with such as 4K and or UHD. There;s nothing preventing you from still passing 1080p through your old AV receiver and out to any new TV.


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Thank you Dante for the reply.

Makes the purchase of a 4KTV less stressful as good 1080p TV's are pretty rare it seems
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