Old apple imac 24" v current 20" imac


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I have been thinking of taking the plunge into the world of mac for a while now. I work from home so will be using the mac for general internet, word processing, photos and music.

I have found a company that has an older version of the 24" imac 2.4 Core 2 Duo for £799.99. This is the same imac at amazon
iMac 24" Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz/1GB/320GB/ SuperDrive: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics & Photo

It looks like a pretty good deal as it is a lot cheaper than amazon, and is the same price as the current 20" 2.4 version.

Can anybody tell me if there is much difference from the mid 2007 imac release to the ones currently on sale on the apple website?

What would you recommend for my fairly basic requirements:

a) get the 2007 24" 2.4 core 2 duo for £799.99
b) get the 2008 20" 2.4 core 2 duo for £782
c) spend the extra cash on a higher spec current release
d) wait for the new imac's to be released and get a brand spanking new one

If anybody has the same 24" imac i am looking at I would love to know what you think about it - any problems, etc that I should be aware of.

Thanks in advance (and sorry for it being a long rambling thread).


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I'd go for the 2008 2.4 Ghz 24" model - thats what I'm typing this on now!

I paid £1149 for it just after launch.

In processor terms you could say that its 15% slower, but its 30% cheaper!

So unless you're doing very intensive stuff you'll be fine!
(I've only got 2GB of RAM in mine and its fine):smashin:

only thing to aware of is that I keep all my music and movies on an external drive, this keeps my boot drive zippy and only has about 60GB on it :eek:


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if you wait, you could be waiting a long time,
ask anyone who's been waiting for the new Mac Mini:eek:

richard plumb

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or get a refurb 2.8 24" 2008 model from apple for £948? Good as buying new, same warranty etc.

Refurbished iMac 2.8Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo - Apple Store (U.K.)

might be worth waiting to see if the new ones turn up in a week or two and then you can decide if they are worth having. Although the current spec are pretty fast and can have good graphics cards. Maybe if they go quad core and you do heavy computing work its worth the difference?

I'd definitely go for the 24 over the 20. More resolution, more physical space, more usable due to the size for movies etc if thats something you're considering, better quality screen overall (one of the best LCDs you can buy)


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I very, very rarely suggest waiting but the new iMacs really cannot be far away. The situation is not comparable with the Mac mini. iMacs have always enjoyed fairly frequent updates and it should be very, very soon. If you cannot wait... 24" screens are bootiful and you'd love it.

I have the very same iMac that you have posted up in the link. I love it. I have since upgraded it to 2GB RAM so I'd suggest you do that. Either way, it's fantastic!


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Thanks for all your feeback and suggestions. I think I am going to wait a couple of weeks just to see if there are any developments with the new imacs and then decide. Don't want to wait too long though - have been mulling over getting an imac for ages so now I just want one.


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Any iMac is better than no iMac ;) and whether you bought the one above or a new one you won't be disappointed. Good luck.

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