Old/Antique Digital Cameras


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Not sure if there is a market or collectors of early..ish, digital cameras ?

I have a Canon Ixus 1, or PC101 or Ixus II depending on where you look, as below. My first digital camera and its unmarked

Digital IXUS1 S100 IXY Digital PC1001 17 May 2000 2.0 MP
35–70 mm (2×)
f/2.8–4.0 CF NB-1L 87 × 57 × 26.9 190 g

Only IXUS with a CYGM CCD (all others are RGBG)[9]

It works has a spare battery and a charger and a "massive" 128 meg CF card...steady boys and girls. I could pt it in the classifieds or even fleabay of course. Or just chuck it away


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Really wondered if anyone collected this sort of thing "already" rather than any great monetary reward. First Ixus and all that. Must be thousands around but most have probably been thrown away. Its still takes pictures OK but compared to my TZ10 its pretty poor of course. Yet when I bought it I was blown away by the quality. I remember Sony bring out a 3meg camera soon after and it was a "where will it all end moment"...now we know.

Batteries struggle to hold their charge which isn't suprising I guess as its been sat in a drawer for a few years now. Camera weight's a "ton" as well.


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You can bet your sweet life that there will eventually be some kind of love-in for older digital cameras. I'd imagine the ones that weren't great at the time or mass-produced with cheap lenses will be the ones people go for, much like there are plenty of people who buy up polaroid cameras.

I had a cheap early webcam that also took very poor digital photos. When I look at them now they are beginning to have a certain digital squeezed charm about them, a distinct lack of aliasing means the images look like old computer generated scenes rather than photos.

I dunno, maybe this won't happen!


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Bet it will....5 minutes after I throw all my old stuff away....... :facepalm:

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