Old Analogue channels on new Sky

Walter mitty

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Hi all,

Does anybody know how or if it`s possible to get the old channels such as RTL and VOX on the new systems?

I`ve tried going to the "add new channels" and typed in the frequencies however they never show up?????????

I`m dissapointed as there are some great channels that I`m missing and I kept all the frequencies ready to install them but it seems to be no good.....Any ideas plaes?

Chris Muriel

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The ones you mention are on the Astra at 19 degrees East - $ky digital is at 28 deg east. So you are beamed towards a different satellite.
Furthermore, your digibox (as well as being only digital so no analog tuner/demodulator) will only work with 2 symbol rates. This excludes you from receiving any multiplexes other than those with SR of 22000 and 27500.
Sky have everything nicel;y sewn up :-(

Chris Muriel, author of Digital Satellite FAQ.
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