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Old amps vs New amps

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by snake_eye, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. snake_eye


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    Basically I've been thinking of getting a new sound setup for my laptop, replacing my old labtec 2.1's. At the moment i'm looking at a pair of Eltax Monitor III's, some subwoofer (not decided) and an amplifier, hopefully all off ebay, because I'm cheap! (Is this setup ok?)

    Is there a major difference between an amplifier, say 20 years ago, and todays cheap range of amplifiers?
    Is there really change in quality of sound?
    Are the connections different or will I be able to hook it like any other cheap amp of today?

    I've been searching around and eyed up these:

    >the old Pioneer SA-7800 (very stylish)
    >the new Cambridge Audio range (A1, A5, A300)

    So if we were to look at these two, what would the differences in performance be? I'm a very poor student with no money, so my budget is around £60, lower the better :D.
    Are there any other amplifiers that I should consider for this kind of money, maybe a second hand bargain or something like that (is that a good idea?).

    Sorry about this question, i know next to nothing of amplifiers. Hopefully you people can give me some input. :)


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