Question Old Alarm - Replacing Door Contact Sensor with Vibration Sensor?


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Hi There

Hoping for some help with an "old style alarm"... my OH's parents had somebody try to break into their house over the weekend, and whilst they didn't get in they made a real mess of their patio doors and its shaken them up.

They have an old wired alarm system with door contacts on the patio doors and they do arm the downstairs zone every night as they go to bed, but the door didn't get open wide enough to set it off. I'm not an alarm expert by any means, but I used to have a friend that worked in the industry and remember him mentioned vibration sensors so got googling. I figure it may help them sleep a bit better at night knowing that the alarm will go off if somebody is shaking the door. I found this, and to a simpleton like me it seems like it could replace what they have and offer a bit more security.

Firstly - could it? If so, is it just a case of powering down the alarm and battery and swapping like for like (presuming there will be a power circuit and a tamper circuit)?

Thanks if anyone can help!


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I recently had some vibration sensors installed for the same reason. You need to put the alarm into engineer mode and you should be able to swap them over. They have a screw inside to tune the sensitivity.

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