Okay, so there are now SEVEN different versions of a Creative X-Fi card....


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Can someone explain the differences between them all?


Also, does anyone know when we might see a PCI-Express version of X-Fi? I know there have been all sorts of problems, but surely they must have solved most of them by now...?


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The best thing to do is go to Creatives site and you can compare the different versions. If your running Vista though I wouldn't bother as they still don't work properly with all features and probably never will.


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Manufacturers' websites never help. They are always written in marketing language rather than English. :) In particular, they will describe each product by giving you a list of features that's at least 50 items long. What's needed is a description that says not "card X has all of these features" but "card X is exactly the same as card Y except..." and then a list that's only two or three items long.

I was able to keep track of X-Fi cards when there were four different models (the main differences being the type of external break-out box, if any, and the presence or absence of "X-RAM") but since they made the jump from 4 models to 7... :confused:.

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