OK, whos the Panasonic Widescreen Yoda( service menu related) ?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by qfk123, Mar 23, 2002.

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    Ive recently got my new Panny TX32pl4 from ED and i am pretty much happy with it, but it has some minor points which i might be able to fix in the service menu, but dont know where to start.

    I was able to acess the service menu on my TX32pl4 by

    1) on the sound menu turning Bass setting to full

    2) Turning treble setting to nothing or minimum

    3) pressing together index button on remote and - channel down button on front panel of TV

    I have looked at the settings and got familiar with the menu but i have not changed anything.

    My probs with the TV are ,

    1) in 4:3 mode you can see the TV in slightly downward cone shaped on both sides like a V , so sides are not level ( what settings fix that and by how much)

    2) some slight blue patches in top right hand corner more noticable in white colour ( not alot but its there )

    Thanks for reading

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