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Ok to have different tyres on fronts and rears?

Mark F

Established Member

I thought I'd check this out with the car aficionadas on AVF. The front tyres on my car are in need of replacement as they're close to the legal minimum but the rears still have plenty of life left (at least 4mm).

Currently Bridgestones are fitted all round (what the car came with when new) but I'm appalled the fronts have only lasted 25,000 miles of gentle driving so I'd prefer to try another brand rather than getting like-for-like Bridgestones for the fronts. Current thinking is to get Continental Premium Contacts (better fuel economy and stopping distance ratings than the Bridgestones, and I'm told they're harder wearing). The Continetals would be the same size and speed rating as the current Bridgestones.

Is it ok to have different tyres on the fronts and rears?

In case it helps, the car is nothing exotic - a 2.0l diesel Nissan Qashqai.



I'm sure it would be fine.

However, 25,000 miles on the front wheels of a relatively heavy front wheel drive car doesn't seem too bad to me. Maybe you're being too optimistic!


Distinguished Member
I'd be very happy if I got 25k miles from a large FWD car. It's fine to mix tyres front and rear.

Mark F

Established Member
Thanks chaps.

As to whether 25k miles is reasonable, on my last car, a 1.9l diesel Audi A4, I got 40k miles from the fronts. And I drove that quite a bit harder.

The other eye opener is the cost. £260 for a pair of Continental Premium Contacts fully fitted is the cheapest I can find (like-for-like Bridgestones would be similar). Looked up the price of Continentals for my previous A4 and only £160 per pair fully fitted :(.

GaryB 1978

Distinguished Member
25,000 miles is very good and yes you could have four separate brands of tyre if you choose to. But for OCD types like me they all have to match


If you've ever suffered at the hands of a lease contract with maintenance, as I have, you may have ended up with four different tyres on each corner, depending on which one is cheapest for the maintenance company when the Kwikfit fitter phones them for authorisation.
It bugged me from an aesthetic point of view, but never any grip issues.
Modern tyres (strange cheap brands excluded) are so good you're only talking about tiny variables.


Distinguished Member
Only 25k miles! I was pleased that mine have just got to 13k and need replacing. I do run a grippier softer tyre, but still, 25k miles is loads!


I agree 25k miles is good.
Half that is what I expect, but it's all A/B/C road driving.
Front wheels are hardly ever pointing straight forward!

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