OK Think I Have Finalised My Connections

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by betamac, May 22, 2004.

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    Just wanna run this by everyone to see if i have took the best option

    By The Way I AM Gona Order The Yamaha 1400 Amp

    Panasonic PWD6 Plasma
    Wall Mount
    3 Metre Component to VGA Cable (From Amp To Plasma VGA)
    1 Metre Component RCA Cable For DVD Player Into Amp
    1 Metre Component RCA Cable (From RGB To YUV Converter To AMP)
    1 RGB to YUV Converter To Connect Sky + To Component Input On Amp
    1 High Quality Scart Lead (From Sky + To RBG To YUV Converter Box)

    And Then I Will Plug Gamecube Into The S Video Input On AMP

    And Once I Get Some More Cash I WIll Buy A Component Board For Plasma JUST For Gamecube So I Can Use Component And Get Progressive Scan

    Is That The Best I Am Gona Get? It Also Means I Got Just 1 Cable Going Up The Wall To Plasma


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