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ok so where has 5 on demand gone?!


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On my F5500 series its just vanished after the Smart APP updated flashed across the screen.
While I'm here, what's happened to the Social TV App? The Facebook, Twitter and Skype option is no longer there and I can't select it from the list which is empty.

Running 211.24 firmware and already tried the service menu to reset to try and fix the social tv.


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Hi James.

This link takes you to a Demand 5 page that explains what is going on with their App.

As for the Smart App on your F5500, I popped over to the lab and had a look at one of ours. The TV was running the same firmware as yours and I could see the App. After a spot of head scratching, one of the engineers offered the rather straight forward suggestion of resetting your Smart Hub. This can be done easily enough by going to Menu - Smart Features - Reset Smart Hub

Hope that helps.



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Thanks for the info on 5 OD.

Regarding the social app, I have the app but no tabs, I have started another thread, I have done a Smart Hub reset many times, also a factor reset from the factory menu, but I only get one tab, something like TV Twitter but not the full Twitter or Facebook or Google chat.


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There must be someone else on this forum who uses Social TV app? Does it show Facebook and Twitter?

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