Ok recorded a bunch of channels and have a large transport stream how do I .......


Ok using my nebula USB TV card and digitv software I recorded a bunch of files that were on the same mux.

any way 4 hours later I am left with one large 12GB file. I used VLC media player to open this file and noticed that while playing in VLC I was able to switch to all the channels that were recorded !! all seems greats!.

Now I only want the video from 2 of the channels that was recorded but I I have no idea on how I can pull these 2 TV shows out of one large file with 7 diffrent channel recordings on it/

I have had a play round with some software called project X DVB demux Tool but all that seems to do is demux 1 or 2 video channels and doesnt allow me to select the stream that I recorded.

can any please let me no how I can just select the transport stream I want from this one large file so I can edit it and then burn to disk.

really confused :rolleyes:


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HDTV2MPEG allows you to select the channel and convert to MPEG (or keep as .TS). it can also delete commercials.


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DigiTV has a built in stream demultiplexer

Right Click > Tools :)

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