Ok, little help... Which Projector to get?



Ok, I have about a $3,000 budget for my Projector. Which Projector do you think I should buy? Please remember to take into account my white walls, and 2 open windows. I should be getting black-out material to close off the windows, but thats beside the point.

These are the things that I am looking for:

Clear, Crispt Picture at atleast 100''
HD Compatible
HDMI Compatible
Able to be mounted
The physical shape of the PJ (I like how they look ^_^)

These are the things that I don't care about:

PJ Sound

These are the PJ's that I have been looking at:

Sanyo Z3

Sanyo Z4
Panasonic AE400
Hitachi PJ-TX200
Epson EMP TW-600

I am also considering buying a Z3 over a Z4 due to the huge difference in price. If someone could explain to me the main differences between the Z4's and the Z3's I would really be happy ;)

Thanks in advance!


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Most of your questions can be answered by a quick search of the forums. There are loads of posts discussing the improvements of the Z4 over the Z3, and many similar posts of people asking "which PJ should I buy" - more often than not, the answer is "read the other threads" and "demo the ones you're interested in".


What about the Sony HS50 (or HS51 for US)? Had no problems with mine, and ticks all your boxes.

Just noticed the white walls and open windows. Well, some people have mentioned the Sony needing dark surroundings. But I've had no problems, and the screen is right in front of a big window. Don't even use blackout blinds etc. Then again, I live near London, and sun is fairly rare :)



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You need to decide quickly if you want the old stocks (e.g. Sanyo Z3) as they should be gone soon and so will the bargain price that goes with them. If you wait for the next generation of PJs you will pay more but have the higher specs!! If you choose the latter a few weeks will be needed to source demos and get the reviews on them.

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