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Ok, ive decided on which 36" to get

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by Manuman, Jan 12, 2003.

  1. Manuman


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    Went to Sound & Vision today in Bolton, i also went yesterday and auditioned the Tosh and the Panasonic. The salesman wasnt too keen on the Sony yesterday(to say the least) and shown me the Tosh and the Panny first, i didnt have time to audition the Sony FS76 as well so i decided to return today.

    The Tosh looked very impressive when i saw it yesterday, but there was something about it i didnt quite like, couldnt put my finger on it tho. The Panny had a superb picture too, but again i wanted to take a look at the Sony before i made any decision.

    I went in today with my Pioneer 717 and a few dvds,(Toy Story2, Fifth Element etc) and the salesman (a different one, who laughed when i told him of the previous salesmans thoughts on the Sony)hooked the Tosh AND the Sony up to my 717 and to be frank, the Sony ****ed on the Tosh in almost every department, so to cut a long story short i ordered the Sony FS76, (tho i have to wait 2 weeks.. grrr) and a smart Alphason glass AV stand.

    I didnt realise tho until i had been staring at the Sony for 30mins that the TV i was looking at was in fact the Sony fs70, but i was assured the FS76 was the same quality.

    Sony FS76 was £1475.00

    Hope i get a good one......

    *crosses fingers*

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