OK I give in, tell me about Tivo...


Actually this is on behalf of a client. He asked about Tivo and was shocked and horrified when I told him of it's UK situation. He didn't seem too keen on ebay for a used one, though there is a guy selling some new ones currently. He has a pace 2000 NTL box, which needs the adapter I gather, what would you recommend? New? £279. 2nd hand, £250-£300 inc lifetime sub it seems.


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I'd go second hand, personally. So long as you confirm the unit is working then it is likely to stay that way. Most people mod theirs at some point soon after purchase (they say they won't but soon as that free space bar runs out their into discussing bigger HDDs, believe me :) ) so invalidate any warranty anyway. And I guess even those new ones won't have mfrs warranty.

Definitely second hand with lifetime sub for me. Well, not actually as I already have 2 but I would if I were looking for one.


I'd second the second hand idea MAW. Best place to look for TIVO information and TIVOs is the TIVO community forums - there is a UK section.

A great resource, which has full FAQs on upgrades, etc.



I guess it depends on the level of support your customer requires.

If he gets a s/h one from eBay and it develops a hard drive problem a fortnight later, he's on his own. If he's technically competent then replacing the drive is not a problem - or he could buy a preconfigured upgrade from eBay. But if he's a total phobe then he might be better off paying a bit more to get his TiVo from someone who gives a warranty - like http://www.tivoland.com


Thanks a lot guys, he's going to go the tivoland route, he's a close friend of my business partners', so don't mind pushing the technical boat out so to speak, he won't sue us. But we'd like him to have the best for his needs, and I think this is it.

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