OK, how do I record two progs at once?


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Last week... I was recording/watching Holby City (thru plannner/chase play) and had CSI, and BSG HD in my planner. When HC had finished, went into planner, and both CSI and BSI had no titles... went out, back in... then they did... and started watching CSI. At 10:03, HD box crashed (about 30 mins into CSI). When it came back up, both BSG and CSI were trashed - error 12.

This week.. Watched HC on my Humax 5400, timeslipped on my Tosh XS32. Left the Sky HD Box to record CSI and BSG. I went into planner, and CSI wasn't selectable - just showed that it 'was' supposed to record it at 9pm. I rebuilt planner and now I've gone in and I've got a FAILED against CSI - No Signal. :eek:

What's going on.. it's supposed to cope with this isn't it?

I didn't check Sat signal strength before I rebooted it, but it looks fine now.

Cheers, Rob


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I often watch something from the planner while i'm recording 2 other programs this should work fine mate, I know this doesn't help you much but it might lead you to a problem on you box.


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Doesn't help you much, but I can confirm that I often watch a recorded programme from the planner whilst two others are recording - never had a problem.




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I read it that way as well.

Recording/watching one program (not a finished recording from the planner) while trying to record 2 others, which won't work.


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Isn't there a setting in the SKY+ set up menu about what the box should do when more than 2 programmes clash ??

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