OK for a music server?


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I've recently developed an obsession to build a PC-based music server.

I'm planning on using a Shuttle SB65G2 as my server as I might get a second-hand one for a reasonable price. I know a bigger ATX box would probably be better and cheaper but I do not want another big beige one around the house(!) The OS would be Linux, for example Mandrake 9.2. My music collection would be raw wav's and fed to clients with Samba. 120 GB discs seem to have a pretty good value these days, so I'd probably run two 120GB Seagates or Samsungs. One would be for the files and one for backups/mirror. Don't know yet how to mirror as the Shuttle does not have RAID 1. It has built-in WLAN (11 megs) and that would be connected to a Buffalo 54-meg access point and distributed to other PC's that'd also have 11-meg WLAN adapters.

So the shared wav's would be played with PC's in the network via the WLAN using for example Winamp or another sw like that.

Would that scheme work? What would be it's Achilles' heel? Other suggestions?

P.S. sorry if the idea doesn't seem clear, I blame the saturday night beer portion of a family man for that. ;)
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