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ok daft question, where is the @ key on an apple bluetooth keyboard.


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Just opened the new imac, daft question number 1 sorry, where is the @ key on the apple bluetooth keyboard?



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On my wired (short) Apple keyboard, it is SHIFT-2. I get the € sign with ALT-2.

EDIT: just checked a Apple BT (blitish) keyboard and it is the same.
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Where it always is (as CamFire says) [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@ :)
The one key you may have trouble with is the # - it is ALT+3 and IMO is a daft key for Apple to exclude from a standard keyboard!
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Where it has always been:


Shift + 2.

This goes for all Apple keyboards and not just the Bluetooth keyboard.

If you open the Language and Text preferences there's an option for the "Keyboard and Character Viewer" tick this option to gain easy access to the viewer via the menubar:


You can use the Keyboard Viewer to easily find characters:

In the above instance Shift was pressed to display the characters on each key. You can press any modifier key or combination of modifier keys to see the different special characters or symbols you can type.
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Yes, it is the US keyboard. It isn't actually an image of my keyboard. Both my British Bluetooth and my full size wired Apple keyboards have the £ sign on the 3 key. I also get the £ if I press Shift + 3. THose not getting the £ sign are probably not using the British keyboard setting. Again, this setting is accessed via the Language and Text pref pane:

The monetary sign will obviously alter depending on the country you select in the Input Sources prefs. Likewise, the symbol on the keyboard will depend on which country's keyboard you chose/bought.

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