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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by RobDickinson, Jun 15, 2001.

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    No rush though - I'll be doing it some time next year.

    Fancy updating my archaic mix of :
    Pioneer PD-703 CD player,
    Panasonic A350 DVD,
    Yamaha E492 pro-logic decoder/amp,
    Kenwood 3020SE,
    Gale 4's (main Left+right),
    JBL cheapy Center,
    Kef Coda 7's rears,
    Kef Model 20B Sub.

    The Kef Sub & Pioneed CD player Are staying - The CD's great - the sub is compact & not a bad 'un.

    I'll be getting a new amp/reciever & new speaker package.

    Currently I'm thinking :
    Rotel 972 DD/TDS £1000.
    Monitor Audio Silver speaker package ( 8i,10i,5i) about £1000.

    The rooms 5mx4m - mot much space for manouvering the speakers, I want Good HC but 2ch/multichannel music is just as important ( hence the Rotel above others) , I'll be getting an SACD/DVD-A player some time in the future so i'll stick with the Panny DVD for now.

    There will probably be better/newer amps next year so I'll see about that then.

    Speaker wise I love the Mission 78 package (782,78C,780) - but the 782's need a big amp (will will probably come after the speakes) and much space around them + not much in between due to the side firing base driver - so much to my dismay I'll probably have to discount them. Other options are other missions (774's) and some tannoys?

    The only problems with the MA's is that they can sound a bit harsh/brash with the metal tweeters and the mains (8i's) need some space behing as there rear ported (which I dont have much of - about 1.5ft) - my gales are rear ported but dont exactly go down like the 8i's.

    Any thoughts?

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