Oh.. the joys of upgrading! WMP 11 woes..


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Thought I'd upgrade to WMP 11...

It's now wiped my installation Windows Media Connect.. totally removed the program..! :eek:

And WMP11 will not stream WAV files to the 360, whereas Windows Media Connect could...

I hate progress sometimes..... :mad:

Anyone else had this problem?

I love uncompressed audio.. and damn it.. this is such a let down... :(

Munkey Boy

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WMP11 does indeed replace WMC, in an attempt to make it easier for the user. I had no idea about the WAV issue to be honest - could you not make MP3 copies for streaming purposes?


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Yes... I suppose I could...

The only reason I flippin upgraded is becuase a phone I have just ordered uses wmp 11 as it's music software.


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Since upgrading to WMP11 I can't get streaming to the 360 to work.

WMC worked perfectly.

I can't use TVersity without disabling UAC, but I don't want to do that.
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I'd been having an absolute 'mare getting anything to connect from xbox to PC until I started using WMP11, the only fiddly part was running upstairs midway through to authorise the xbox. Not tried WAV files but I know I sometimes struggled with AVI files if I was going wirelessly but whackin them on a portable hard drive seemed to resolve that.


I have had my fill with it all wmp and wmc i now have a small 750gb black hard drive plugged into my 360 so no more messing

Simon Coates

Just installed WMP11 today as BBC iPlayer wouldn't let me download wmv files - kept insisting I installed it.
I'd installed it about a year ago but couldn't get it to work with our 360s so reverted back to WMC.
Well I've now installed it and got it streaming but it's stopped playing divx files - and I've just recently recoded most of my videos as divx. Shows thr thumbnail OK but won't play. Annoying, as WMC worked perfectly.
Anyone out there got divx it to work without resorting to TVersity?



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