Oh no. Got my old sim stuck in my 3GS


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I cut up my old sim to avoid the sim transfer mess yesterday. It worked in the 4G Then used the micro sim holder to put it back in my 3GS to test it out and now the tray only comes out halfway. The 3Gs ph works but can't get the sim out.
Since the 3GS ph is pristine I don't want to apply force but
I need the sim for the 4G

What to do? Any ideas



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Whatever you do don't apply force I did something very similar with my 3G yesterday my sim tray was stuck .. I took a trip over to apple 60 mile round trip .. They said it's a good job you haven't tried getting this out cos it wud break the contacts inside .. He took the phone to pieces brilliant service and didn't charge either


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try sliding something really thin down to keep sim in tray as you pull it out ... a feeler guage would be great but a strip of thin but stronger paper would do the same..


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Thank you. This gives me hope. I live near an apple store so will hi tail it over there.

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