Oh my... too much information.. school me


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I'm strongly contemplating entering into the mind boggling world that is LCD TVs... And browsing this subforum makes my head explode.

So forgive me if this has been asked a million times already :(

I'm after something of probably 32" size (how much bigger do these appear than 28" CRTS? realistically or perceptively), costing no more than probably £800.

I've spotted the Toshiba 32WLT66 and it looks tasty, gets good reviews, etc. Is this the best bang for buck telly in terms of quality, inputs, futureproofness, etc?

What about 1080? Is this out of the question for reasonable priced LCDs as of yet? Do most downsample them to 720 lines?

Suggestions for a decent quality futureproof LCD if you please :) Preferably with component, HDMI and DVI inputs for HTPCage (unless DVI can be converted to HDMI?)

What do people do for centre speakers? Mine sits on top of my CRT, and ther'es no where on my cabinet for it, so I guess I'll build a "platform" out of chipboard or something and sit it on my cabinet so that it can hold the LCD and the speaker sits under?

Thanks for any help. I'll add any questions I may have missed out.


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I've decided i need a tv in my bedroom and i've selected the very one you're looking at too! Though since we're so near christmas i'm actually going to hold out for a month just to see if the price drops, the cheapest i've found it so far is £660. I'm also watching the price of a home cinema system hoping that'll go down after xmas. As for your centre speaker, i think on the top is fine, but obviously you're not going to balance it on top of an lcd if you get one....least i hope not :)


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Well I was all set to go for the WLT66 until I read that it doesn't do PC inputs very well :( :suicide:

I've been reading reviews and it seems to better most, besides the Panasonic TX-32LXD60 but this doesn't have any PC inputs

Can I use VGA to HDMI or does it have to be DVI to HDMI?

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Fully agree with OP comment on "too much information"!!

I am in the market for the same thing, 32" LCD and had also pretty much decided on the Tosh, but having read some of this part of the forums I am now moving towards the Panasonic 600, although not completely clear why it is so much more cash than the 60? Any guidance?

I also read a good magazine review of the JVC (said it had good sound and pix pretty good), but don't see much on here about it.

I kind of feel I need 2 x HDMI as I will SkyHD at the same time as buying the LCD, and I know I am bound to get an upscaling DVD player soon :). That has stopped me seriously considering the Sony's, although they do look great.

Cheers for input, NS


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If I buy one without DVI, I'm essentially gonna need 3 HDMI surely, in the future? NTL HD, HD-DVD and HTPC? :eek:

What's this Panasonic model?

Neville Street

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Panasonic TX32LXD600 seems to be a very good set, but looks pricey. There is a very long thread dedicated to its pro's and con's, but not much else on it.


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