Oh dear, this again. 32" for bedroom advice please!


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Hi All,

Sorry this has been asked before and I have trawled back, however there are a couple of questions I have that were not asked about comparisons in other threads I found.

I'm treating myself to a PS3 and an HD TV. It's been long enough now and it is time I got involved. I'd ideally like to do this to the cheaper end of things (initial thoughts were 200-250 for the TV, but I'm now thinking it may be worth spending up a little higher?). I am flexible as I inevitably get tempted and I don't mind paying extra if there is genuine value in doing so. I'll be looking to hold on to the TV for quite a few years anyway.

The first TV that I thought looked alright was this one:

Toshiba 32BV801B 32in Full-HD 1080p Freeview HD LCD TV | Ebuyer.com

Mainly due to being full HD and having a freeview HD tuner.

I do have a socket from the virgin/internal aerial in my room, but the virgin has been terminated and the aerial on the roof is rubbish.....so whether or not I would be able to adequately pick up the hd channels or not anyway I do not know.

I then continued looking and saw the Sony had received great reviews


So that is also tempting. Again, the LAN isnt in my room so whether or not I'd use the internet TV is open to debate. The cost of the Sony dongle is enormous. I do have a pc with a semi decent monitor anyway and was considering of mounting the TV nearby anyway, which I presume would then make it just as easy to stream the pc through the tv....Truth be told there's a strong chance it never gets mounted though. It would make for the best viewing but would look a little odd hanging over the desk.

Finally, some others recommended this Panasonic.

PANASONIC Viera TX-L32U3B 32" Full HD LCD TV buy online | Currys

Could someone point me in the right direction please? Even if just to rubbish the current three outlined and start me afresh elsewhere. Ideally around the 250 mark but can squeeze to 300ish if it is truly worthwhile.

Alternatively, is there any value in going to a shop to try and negotiate a tv and PS3 bundle?

Sorry, this post is convoluted and confusing....indicative of how I am finding this technology hunt.
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If it was me, I'd go for the Sony or the Panasonic, depending on which I could get the cheapest perhaps after saying if you sell me the games jobby extra cheap.....

Go somewhere where you can go from one shop to the other and back and remember to talk to someone who has the authority to do a deal, i.e the manager, not the saturday extra

Performance from these top brands is good these days and there is often little to choose between them

Don't pay for extended warranty, but remember John Lewis offer 5 year warranty on the tvs they sell. Having said that, tvs are very reliable these days. They do price match goods on display and in stock

Richer Sounds may be worth a visit, on line or a local store if you have one


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Thanks 961.

I went into my local Richer sounds today to speak to someone face to face and was a bit surprised by the advice. He advised specifically against the sony, despite the excellent reviews, on the basis that net tv isnt all that in his view and that you pay a premium for the brand.

He advised on a slightly more pricey LG LG 32LV355T | 32 inch LED TV 1080p HD Ready Freeview HD | Richer Sounds for pure picture quality. His advice was that it was worth paying the bit extra for LED.

Failing that he said to opt for the slightly cheaper Toshiba Toshiba 32BV801 | 32 inch LCD TV 1080p HD Ready Freeview HD | Richer Sounds

I found this surprising given how hard the Sony has been pushed by their online sales patter and from the various reviews I've read. Do you (or anyone else who feels like throwing some guidance in) agree with him? I'd pretty much settled on the Sony but I'm now back to where I started really


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Well I'd agree that led is a good way to go compared to lcd and I've no argument about LG

Our house used to be full of Panasonic, and now it's all Sony bar one. Sony pictures and software do the business for me although sound could be better. Most panels are made in the same 4 or 5 factories world wide and it's the software that defines the picture quality

I don't have an led set but if I bought new today I'd probably consider one. In the meanwhile I have to say Sony does for me. Richer will have a choice and while you can take on board the advice the guy gives at the end of the day take your pick. They do give good value whatever you decide to buy

If you have John Lewis in your town as well as Richer JL will price match and give 5 yr warranty although they can be picky about the value of the guarantee

I'm not a Tosh fan but all this can be a bit marginal depending on what is on offer at desperation pricing

I'd say if you bought Sony at a good price you would not be disappointed, but the same probably goes for LG as well
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