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I had to go to the doctors today and it's in quite short one way street. Parking is at a premium and it's often easier to jump in a vacant spot on the street as the car park if very often full. So walking in a young lady comes out of the car park and starts to turn right, which is the wrong way for the one way street.

The conversation:
Me: Whoa, this is a one way street.
She: I know, but it's shorter this way.
Me: Fair enough.

The mind boggles.


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this morning I was at Lobley hill (stationary at traffic lights) when they turned green and a guy (I assume) on a scrambler bike thought he'd be cool and pull away doing a wheelie - but he came a cropper and came off..

he was about 5-6 cars in front on me and I literally had tears rolling down my face with laughter... he was ok, and backtracked down another road...

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It's not just women, it's the classic example of people doing stupid things purely because it suits them. It might inconvenience everyone else but as long as they are ok that's all that matters.

It's the selfish society we have today.

You only need to look in the bad parking thread to see more cases of this.
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The local residence and councillors near me have had to organise coming off the street and open the football field for parking during the local Grammar schools 11+ exam days purely because of totally selfish irresponsible parking. Last year I had to patrol the coned area as people still tried to park between the cones :facepalm: at an angle.

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