Oh Come ONN!!! Dead amp help!


There is a trail of destruction going on around me and those i know!

I have a dead stereo amp. A marantz ki sig. amp. I have the main power led and all my tape monitor and such work, but no output. I can only think i might have shorted a speaker terminal. I presume this trips protection circuitry of some sort. I have had a look inside to see if there is anything obvious i can trip back.......but i see nothing!

can anyone help?



i recently got a marantz amp as well and when i first hooked it up everything worked fine for a few minutes then it went dead on me, and it would do this everytime i turn it on (after a cooldown period of at least 12 hours :(). It was suggested by someone on here to try and reset the amp as it may have been tripped by the speaker wire as you suggest but no one knew how to reset the marantz amps.
It was like it was overheating after a short period of time and just switching all the internal decodeing parts off (as source direct still worked)

Its now on its way back to hifijunkies :(
if it is still under warranty/guarantee i would consider getting a replacement.



Unfortunately it is the original KI so no warranty. If no one can come up with a fix for me i guess i will pull it to pieces and rebuild with my own bits and bobs.

Maybe i have the same sort of thing as you, i'll give it another try in the morn and hope its ok again.....but id be puzzled if it was! :D



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