Official VGA AV cable = confusion


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Apologies in advance for this mini-rant! Right, well I just got my 360 back from MS and had to install wireless adapter settings, synchronise controller, etc, etc. Aswell as these things I'm also having to redo what resolution to use, via the display blade through my official VGA AV Cable and I can't get it quite back to how I remember it being :(

My question is this (and this is probably a silly thing to ask, but my memory is awful!):

I'm trying to configure the settings through the 360 display blade (through my 32" LCD), yet what is throwing me slightly is that in there, there are 3 options: Screen Resolution, Screen Format, and Reference Levels.

When I go into "Screen Resolution" it says to the right and below "Connect an Xbox 360 HD AV cable to configure high display modes". Now I don't remember it saying that beforehand, and I can't seem to find a resolution that's looks as good as it did before :confused:

I played a bit of COD4 and it seemed a bit more jaggedy than I remember. Now it's entirely possible this is due to a piece of my brain thinking "is this the right display?" and then deciding it looks worse when infact all is the same. OR it could just look worse and somethings messed up.

Does someone who uses a VGA cable confirm to me: does it give you more options than I'm getting on the display blade? Does yours also say the "Connect an HD AV cable for higher def display modes". Or is what I describe above all correct, dandy and perfectly normal and its likely I'm getting my knickers in a twist about nothing?!

Any help would be tremendous! :suicide:


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I use a ms vga cable and I get 3 options also and it does say 'connect an xbox hd av cable etc etc like yours


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Change the reference levels I had a similar issue as well, and it looked better after changing it


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Thanks guys. I think I got majorly confused :D, and glad mine have the same settings as you both. Cheers :thumbsup:

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