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Official tog at R.A.H.


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Had the pleasure of being the official photographer at a charity concert for Barnado's at the Royal Albert Hall last week, am normally part of a film crew recording these concerts but am slowly moving into the photography area.

Also had the great pleasure of meeting and photographing Setanta's Charlotte Jackson, an absolutely gorgeous young lady who is also really nice and personable. She was the compare for the night.

Have to be careful with what I show as the concert was mainly young children and I don't want to be accused of anything but this is the second concert of this type I have done and I wanted to let people know what I was up to.

Had free reign to go wherever I wanted although you have to be careful not to get in the spectators way. Had the D300 on auto ISO set at a max of 1600 - hit this quite a lot really - D700 not far away I feel. Anyway see what you think of this brief selection.



















Hope you think I did a good job, as I say, have loads of great shots of the performers but think I better not put them up.



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My my sir - what an impressive organ :eek::devil::D

Very nice shots - which wide angle lens did you use?


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Superb. #9 is awesome. I like #3 as well. Quality looks very good - those Nikons handle high ISO very well indeed I think.

The high-up wide angle shots always look better if the seats are full. Not sure if the event was a sell-out, but it's always worth taking a couple of minutes mid-performance to leg it up high and shoot with a full crowd.


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Hello there

Really brings back memories looking at these. Worked on this building for 2 1/2 years and was in charge of the electrical part they call the artist corridor. were the changing rooms, green room and bullruns unto the stage are.

Great set Bill:thumbsup:

Do like the wide angle of 4 and 9.:smashin:

Cheers Holo:smashin::smashin:


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Cheers for the comments, used Sigma 10 - 20 for the wide angles, Sigma 17 -70 for the full stage shots and Nikon 80 - 200 for close ups, really wish I could show you more but not wanting to upset anyone.

Really want to try a D700 with this venue, for those that use it already what ISO would you feel happy going up to ? I ran up to ISO 1600 but was limited to quite slow shutter speeds (125th was a average high).

Feedback awaited



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Problem with all the empty seats in the wide angle shots is that the house and coloured lights were only on before the start, at the interval and at the end I.e. When people were out of their seats !

Totally agree though, would have made a great shot


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