Question Official Oculus Quest case Dimensions please


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For those that have bought and received their Oculus Quest Case, please can you let me know the length, width and height . This info does not appear to be on the oculus site.



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I can let you know on the weekend, my son has gone to stay at his grandparents for the week, and has taken the quest with him.


Just measured my case and these specs seem correct. Hard to really measure exactly, as the case itself is curved in every direction, there's no straight edged corners. Really nice case too. Just big enough to fit the headset, 2 controllers, charger and USB. I think the charger and USB is quite a tight fit... but if you were to get a smaller cable it would be better.

Headset itself is nice and snug, as are the 2 controllers.

Keeps everything safe, that's the main thing.


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Thanks guys, I currently have the Navitech case for the Rift CV1 , Just ordered amazon basics case for the Rift S. Since I may be getting rid of the CV1 it was either I get the official travel case for the Quest or use the Navitech . The Navitech is about 12.5 x 5.3 x 10.2


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ok, I just received the PSVR case for the Rift S. Here are the Rift CV1 and Rift S in the cases I mentioned above. The Quest has similar profile to the CV1 so good for those looking for a cheaper alternative to the Official travel case


I have not got round to using the Rift -S hence why the cable looks tidy ....
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