Official Nintendo RGB Scart Cable...


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Everyone is banging on about getting the component cable for their Wii but I still have a CRT that doesn't accept component leads. I badly need an RGB cable though but have been unable to get one.

I think they may have been officially delayed by Nintendo but wanted to check if anyone had managed to get one? I'd like to know if there are any out there worth my time in hunting down? Did anyone get one?



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I ordered one from Amazon on 8 Nov. Estimated delivery date is today or tomorrow but it's still marked "not yet dispatched" :(


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From what I can tell, there are a few component cables floating around (MadCatz ones for sure, not sure if anyone has the official one)....However I find no evidence at all, that anyone, anywhere, has an RGB cable. I think this will be a find and grab mission over the next week or two.


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Does the Wii support RGB, and if so are official cables actually available?


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Yes the Europe WII supports this...and no, nobody seems to have the cables yet. Latest estimate is next Friday.


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You'd think Nintendo would have learnt their lesson from the Gamecube launch RGB Scart debacle 4 1/2 years ago.... :rolleyes:


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official cables are deffinatly coming out, go here and clikc on Wii then accessories, u will see component and RGB scart boxes about half way down

I just think they have been delayed, most shops i phoned told me to check instore from next wednesday on...


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It's obvious they're not actually available at launch then...

What a shambles. Totally unacceptble in my opinion. I'd be even more annoyed if I need a component cable.

I've got mine hooked up with the composite leads and I'm dealing with it but it's nowhere near as crisp and colourful as RGB. Nintendo should realise, we've all just gone out and bought this lovely new hardware, amazing games and a new piece of technology yet we can't hook it up for a nice picture? Something SO simple as an RGB cable! That's pathetic not having any available for launch.

I've preordered from 3 places online and I'm on a list at GAME so hopefully have one at some point next week.

I really don't know whether to start Zelda without an RGB cable. I really don't fancy playing through the first few hours with such a crap picture. I've waited so long for this game and this is how Nintendo introduces it, in good old composite!

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I really don't know whether to start Zelda without an RGB cable.
I was in the same boat. I'll probably get and RGB cable next week or so when they're available.

However, I gave Zelda a go last night (after getting the missuss and daughter off Wii Sports and to bed) and the graphics are actually pretty good and whilst playing you don't notice any problem so give it a go! Also this way, you'll really appreciate and enjoy the improvement in graphics once you get your cable.

RDB :)

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