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Strong winds today, a 2" thick branch broken.
Bit of mower maintenance. I'll soak the old blades to remove the heavy build up, then see if they can be resharpened at the bench grinder. If not they are only £9 for 30.



Edit: not as bad as they seemed once the gunk came off. Still quite sharp and no chips missing, so put them back on the mower.
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Oh.... I've never seen blades like that on a mower.
Found this..........

I want!


As they say, "each to their own."

I'm a bit concerned that I didn't see them put any hardcore down first.

I don't think you can disguise the fact that it isn't real bricks, it's concrete.

I put these down about twelve years ago, in half a day. The traditional way, with hardcore, damp fine concrete mix and pointed them up the following day. It didn't cost a lot.

Three feature beds.




And the long border.


I did it to stop "border creep" when there was edging to be done. It meant I could just run over the bricks with my Flymo as the bricks finish flush with the lawn.

They've not been a problem, they are still intact and once they'd weathered in, they hardly noticed.
I could go over them with my jet-wash to clean them up, but I prefer the natural look.



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Massive rain storm today that lasted 5 minutes, hail too. Just after I lit my chimnea to burn an old dead lavender bush. Luckily I had my little overhanging roof of my shed to stay dry



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Same here - rain and strong winds for a couple of minutes, then gone.


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Got a few plants in and 6 bags of topsoil before the apocalyptic rain started.
With the new mini diggers


Couple of real showy grasses for the beach area.


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"In the never ending quest to find something to do," I sorted out our "rose patio" (former koi pool).


It has flags laid on sand on top of 20 tonnes of eco-friendly hardcore.

It drains well, but I get annoyed with the weeds that tend to grow in the sand and soil that ends up in the gap between the flags and the perimeter rocks. I have to scrape or brush them out now and again dodging round the rose pots.
So I decided I'd cement in this gap. But this would mean in a heavy downpour, there might be some standing water as although at the moment the water drains between the flags, over time soil will end up with this sand and thus it might become less porous.
So I cemented around the perimeter but put in about a dozen drain tubes made from short bits of alkathene pipe. Didn't take more than a couple of hours. Just needs a bit of a brush over tomorrow when the cement has gone off.



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Decided to keep one grape and have put up a wire system to keep it in check and tight at all times.



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Anyone recognise the grass type these seeds are from? I stole them on the dog walk this morning, to plant in my garden. I like the insect look they have.



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On the subject of "thingy."

On a holiday in North Wales many years ago, I told my kids that on this particular day we were going to visit Caernarfon Castle. To which the eldest replied. "Isn't that where whatshisname got thingied?"
I thought that was at Conwy Castle


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