official cube scart is worth it


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after having a 3rd party scart lead that said it output rgb an didnt i had a few days with the composite cable an it was fine nothing amazing but wasnt as bad as i after upgrading to an official nintendo one i can seriously say buy one of these if you can it really is worth it.the only thing i was a bit miffed with is the fact the scart is not fully pinned there is only about 7 or 8 pins on the scart ??? anyone know why :confused:


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Do you get audio through it?

RGB through SCART requires 8 pins for the RGBS and their appropriate earths. Audio with it should have 3 more pins, total 11. Is there any ratio, input switching with it?


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Don't worry about the lack of Pins. Only those absolutely necessary are connected:

Pins that should be connected are:

Pin 5, Pin 7, Pin 9, Pin 11, Pin 13, Pin 15 (RGB Pins + Grounds)

Pin 2, Pin 6 (Audio L/R)

Pin 4 (Audio Ground)

Pin 8 (Switching Voltage)

Pin 16 (RGB Selection)

Pin 17 or Pin 18 (Composite Ground)

Pin 20 (Composite Video/Sync)

As you can see, that is more than 9 pins but some of the grounds may be wired collectively to Pin 4. The PAL RGB Cable has some electronics embedded in to the Scart Plug End which may also be responsible for cutting down on the number of connected Pins.

The 3rd party Cables which I have (as mentioned previously), do definatley output RGB on PAL machines to the same standard as the official one.

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