Official component vs Joytech one


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Quite a straightforward question really. Due to the mad rush for 360's after it was just released i went for a core and had to try and source a component lead out. Went for the joytech as it was the only component i could really find at the time.

Many eons have passed since that time and im wondering if getting the official lead would make any difference? did have some odd colour thing a while back while playing skate and was suggested it was a problem with the lead.

Student loans are amazing:D


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the official leads are far better than the widely regarded poor joytech ones.
it may be in fact the cable isnt up to scratch.
is there any way you can borrow the official one,instead of buying it first.
that way,it wouldnt be too much of a strain on your student loan.:D


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Ive ended up ordering one, i asked around my mates and most have either vga or hdmi connections. Ive noticed before that i got a sort of purple effect when moving fast in fps' for example. Now its either the tv or the lead. But yeah ive heard bad reviews about the joytech one aswell.

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