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Simon Crust

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Reviewed by Chris McEneany, 4th December 2011.
Matthjs van Heijningen was taking a gamble when he undertook to helm this prequel to such a beloved genre classic as John Carpenter's The Thing. Hostile eyes were just itching for him to fall flat on his face in the snow and ice. To be fair, in many ways, it is one of the most unnecessary additions to filmic folklore that there has been … and yet, I loved almost every minute of it ...

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Jim Di Griz

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I saw this over two weeks ago :D.

If youre a fan (and you wouldnt be reading this if you werent) Id say definitely go and watch it. If youve never seen John Carpenter's The Thing - go and watch this and buy the (very cheap) blu-ray and watch that straight after!

Its not as good as the original of course but I think its a good companion piece and Ill be buying it on blu when it comes out.

Dont forget to stay for the credits after the film 'ends'! :lesson:

Jim Morrison

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Yep, although flawed and certainly not a patch Carpenter's flick, this is definitely worth a look. After some of the scathing reviews I read, I thought about giving it a miss completely but I'm glad I trusted my own judgement as I really enjoyed it. As Jim said, it makes a half-decent companion piece to the '82 film and I too am very much looking forward to getting the Blu-ray.

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