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Simon Crust

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Reviewed by Cas Harlow, 23rd May 2012.
Many people are calling this Payback 2: In Mexico. You know what? They’re right.

Mel Gibson’s had a tumultuous few years. Between leaked conversations highlighting sexism, racism and anti-Semitism, and increasing evidence to support the fact that he’s been a functioning alcoholic for decades, he’s become a pariah in Hollywood, and has lost plenty of fans in the process.

The thing is – he’s a good actor and a good director (evidenced by Braveheart alone) and, in spite of his issues, he’s still capable of doing a professional job: even drinking beer for breakfast whilst filming Lethal Weapon 2 didn’t prevent him putting in a memorable performance.

Looking back at a career of over forty films spanning four decades, my favourite are by and large the ones where he gets really angry and goes on a vendetta...

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